You’ve picked your wedding dress .  Now, it’s time to pick the bridesmaid’s dresses.  Sometimes it’s actually a harder task, since there are so many people and body types.  Here are some tips to help you in the search for style and color.

  1. Start with your favorite color.  Remember that your maids are going to be your background during the ceremony.  You want to have a color that flatters your complexion and your surroundings.
  2. Think about your personality type.  Do you like things organized and uniform?  If so, pick the same dress for all your girls.  It definitely makes you, the bride, shine in all of the pictures.
  3. Consider the style of your wedding when you are choosing bridesmaids dresses.  If it is formal, the girls should wear the same full length style and color.  It creates a more structured appearance.
  4. Taking the venue into consideration is important too.  If you are saying your vows in an outdoor venue, a more boho chic vibe is appropriate.  It’s perfectly appropriate for your girls to wear different styles in the same color or a variation of the same color.

Be true to yourself.  That is the golden rule for your wedding day.  Your party should reflect your personality.  It’s your day, your way.  Make sure it’s MAID for you .


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