How to Pick the Perfect Veil for your Bridal Gown

We get brides all the time that are not sure about what veil to wear on their wedding day. Most brides are choosing to not wear a veil and accessorize with a beaded headpiece or have some flower power with a flower crown. Did you know that the veil is actually the oldest part of the bridal ensemble? The veil dates back to the ancient world. Back then a veil was used for a different purpose that isn’t the case today. In the modern age, the veil is the finishing touch to a bridal look.

Want to know the trick into deciding which bridal gown is your dress? Ask your fashion consultant to play around with veils- cue the waterworks! We have TONS of gorgeous veils at our shop, plus we have new ones that we are obsessing over at the moment.


Essense- AVL2505cr


This veil is our go to veil! This gorgeous veil has elegant lace appliques with sequins sewed inside the floral lace. It frames a brides face beautifully and I am obsessed with this lace pattern on this veil. Floral lace veils are on trend right now. This bridal gown paired with this veil is just perfection. This bridal look is very bohemian and I love it.

BelAire- V7383

This BelAire veil is what we call the “snowflake veil.” It is a popular pick we choose when helping a bride find her veil. This veil always looks amazing on Martina Liana dresses, like this one in the photo. I always call this bridal gown the “Swan Lake” gown. So, I guess it is a match made in heaven for the “snowflake” and “Swan Lake” gown.

The Westwood Collection-D382

This dainty veil is so perfect for a lace dress! I am so in love with this veil not only because of its simplicity, but also for how it shapes a brides face. The lace appliques just adds the cherry on top for this bridal look and it even brings out the lace of the bridal gown.


All right, y’all this brand new Essense Veil have 3D flowers on it! The 3D flowers make this veil so romantic and whimsical. It looks like it stepped out of Fairytale. Paired with this floral Essense bridal gown, this bridal ensemble is just a DREAM!


This Essense veil is a traditional lace with clear sequins that adds a little twinkle to this bridal ensemble. The lace trim is just stunning! This brand new Martina Liana dress paired with this veil gives me life. These two are perfect for each other.

Martina Liana: ADAIV

I know I am talking about my veils in this blog, but I have to boast about one of our new Essense gowns. This Essense bridal gown has everything. It has lace, twinkle, a little bit of sexy with the bodice, and the simple bottom. This bridal gown looks fantastic with this veil. This veil has twinkle and swirly lace with clear sequins throughout.

Finding your dream dress is a fun and stressful journey. The day you do find your bridal gown, try on some veils with it. Your bridal consultant may have already played around with veils. Our owner, Cathy Butler, believes that brides should buy your veil and bridal gown on the same day. The veil is what completes the bridal look.

Book your next bridal appointment with Formally Yours and we will help you find your dream dress along with the perfect veil!

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