How Many People Should you bring to your Bridal Appointment?

Calling all brides! Let’s talk girl to girl about something all brides to need know before they come to their bridal appointment. We love our guests and helping them find their dream dress, but we want the focus to be on the beautiful bride. So, the question that you ladies need to ask yourself is how many people should you bring to your bridal appointment?

Now this bridal appointment is a memorable occasion. We want you to bring your loved ones to share this experience with. We recommend that you bring two to four people with you. How do you choose? Well, you should bring people who are trustworthy, kind, and honest. It can be extremely overwhelming to have too many people at an appointment, as everyone has their own opinion and sometimes the focus can be taken away from the bride.

Having two to four people at an appointment can help you be able purchase your dress without the stress of pleasing an entourage of people. If you have sisters and a lot of best friends, then look at dresses online before your appointment. Also, you can use the power of Facetime to show your dress!

Another option is bringing another set of two or four people to your dress fitting appointment. That way they can see you in your dress.

Remember that this is YOUR bridal appointment! If you want an unforgettable experience, you need to book your bridal appointment with us here at Formally Yours. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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