Boho Chic Influence

Boho chic is a style of fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences, according to Wikipedia. Typically, it’s a relaxed vibe with an understated sexiness and elegance. Due to it’s popularity, boho chic is a very relevant style in bridal fashion too.

Destination brides seem to gravitate to the lighter and breezier wedding dresses. They are easier for travel. Beach brides love the idea of a flowy skirt in the ocean breeze, barn brides feel down to earth in the natural feel of the relaxed style of boho chic, and understated brides are more comfortable with shorter trains and less beading.

On Formally Yours’ social media, boho chic style is in the spotlight. We are featuring our designer, WTOO and Willowby by WATTERS. The common thread in these dresses is the fact that they aren’t as structured as the more traditional wedding dress.

We carry many designers who are heavily influenced with this growing trend. It was thought to be just a trend, however it’s now considered a relevant style for wedding dresses. Boho chic wedding dresses are here to stay, and our collection is ever growing. Stay tuned for more images to come, and don’t delay in making your appointment at to see all of our boho chic wedding dresses.

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